Boardable users who are assigned as Administrators, Members, or Group Owners can create meetings using the Scheduler tool.

The Scheduler allows a meeting organizer to offer multiple meeting times to invited meeting members, collect availability, and then select a meeting date that works best for the group.

1. To use the Scheduler, open an existing meeting and select "Edit Meeting Info," or create a new meeting. Then select "Use the Scheduler."

2. Add the dates and times you would like the meeting members to choose from.

3. Fill in the remaining basic meeting details and save.

4. To request that meeting members select their availability, you will need to select either "Publish Calendar Only" or "Publish Full Meeting" and opt to send notifications. Meeting members will receive an email letting them know there is a new meeting they need to select availability for. They can select their availability from the email, their Boardable dashboard, or the meeting page.

5. To view meeting members' availability, go to the right-hand menu on the meeting page and select ''View Scheduler Responses."

6. Profile pictures will appear next to the date(s) users checked availability for. Select the preferred date to set for the meeting and save.

7. After the date is set, the meeting will act as a traditional meeting in Boardable. All meeting invitees will now be able to RSVP, add comments, and view documents if the meeting has been fully published.