Boardable users with the Observer role that have been assigned as Group Owners can take the following actions:

Group Management

  • Add or remove users from the Group

    • This does not remove the user from Boardable

  • Add polls 

  • Add meetings

  • Add discussions

  • Add documents


     Note: Observers cannot upload documents from the Document Center, but you can upload from Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, or your desktop.

  • If you need to upload from the Document Center, ask your Administrator to assign you the role of Member.

Meeting Management

  • Edit meeting information (date, location, time, attendees, description)

  • Build/edit agenda

  • Add poll

  • Send message to meeting members

  • Add supplemental document

  • Add task

  • Update RSVPs

  • Take attendance

  • Take/edit minutes

  • Send meeting summary

  • Create follow-up meeting

View of a meeting for a Group Owner: