Only Administrators, Group Owners and Meeting Collaborators have access to the Minutes Maker feature. 

In order to use the Minutes Maker, an Agenda needs to be created using the Agenda Builder

To take minutes, open a meeting that used the Agenda Builder. Then, on the right side you will see 'Take Minutes'. If the Agenda Builder was not used to create the Agenda, then the Minutes function will not be an option.  

To watch a video about the Minutes Maker click this link

See example: 

In the Minutes Maker, you can click on the Agenda Item you would like to leave notes for. The options are to leave a Note, Assign a Task or show a Decision needs to be made. 

Here is an example of a note being created for Agenda Item 4: 

Here is an example of a Task being created and assigned using the Minutes Maker: 

When finished taking minutes, be sure to Publish the Minutes so all of the meeting attendees can see: 

When the Minutes are Published, they will appear as a new section on the meeting page: 

Also, tasks created using the Minutes Maker will also appear on the meeting page.