Administrators, meeting Collaborators or Group Owners have the ability to use the Agenda Builder. 

The Agenda Builder makes creating meeting agendas a smoother, more collaborative process. 

Agenda Builder gives them the ability to:

  • Assign agenda items to members.

  • Add sub items to the agenda.

  • Attach files from Document Center or a computer.

  • Send the agenda out to meeting members.

Meeting Members are then able to:

  • Take personal agenda notes.

  • Download agendas as PDFs.

Here is a video on how to create an Agenda. 

To begin, open the meeting and select 'Build Agenda' or 'Edit Agenda' :

Then, where is says 'add agenda item here' - click, type your agenda item name and press 'Add' or press 'return/enter' :

To create an Agenda Sub-Item, click on the Item and the following box will appear. 

The ability to:

  • Assign person responsible

  • Add description

  • Upload documents

  • Add sub items

- To go back to the meeting, press 'return to meeting.'

- To see the Agenda, meeting members can 'Open' in a separate tab or 'Download PDF'

- To share the Agenda

        All users that have been invited to the meeting will be able to open or download the Agenda from Boardable by opening the meeting. 

        To send the agenda in a message you can select ‘Send message to meeting members’ and check the box to include meeting details or attaching the         agenda as a PDF.