A user with any permission can be assigned to a Group as the Group Owner. Within the group, the Group Owner can:

Group Owners can take the following actions:

Group Management:

  • Add or remove users from the Group

    • Note* this does not remove them from Boardable

  • Add Polls 

  • Add Meetings 

  • Add Documents

  • Add Discussions

Meeting Management:

  • Edit Meeting Information (Date, Location, Time, Attendees, Description)

  • Build Agenda

    • Edit Agenda

  • Add Poll

  • Send Message to Meeting Members

  • Add Supplemental Documents

  • Add Tasks

  • Update RSVP’s

  • Take Attendance

  • Take Minutes

    • Edit Minutes

  • Send Meeting Summary

  • Create Follow Up Meeting

**Group Owners cannot take the following actions and without Administrator access**

  • Add or remove users from the Boardable Account
  • Create Groups

To assign a user as a Group Owner, the Administrator selects 'add group' and then clicks the 'Select' dropdown box and chooses the owner: