Boardable integrates with a number of third-party platforms and applications to provide a seamless user experience for your board members.

All Boardable users have access to the following integrations for document uploads, calendar syncing, and email notifications:

Document Integration

Boardable integrates with the following Document Storage Platforms:

  • Google Drive

  • Dropbox

  • OneDrive

Access these integrations for document uploads and attachments within Boardable’s Meeting Suite and the Discussion and Polls sections.

  • From a Discussion Thread and Poll Feature:

  • From Meeting Suite:

Calendar Integration

Boardable integrates with the following Calendar applications:

  • Google

  • Apple iCalendar

  • Yahoo

  • Outlook 

You can access the calendar integration function from within your Account Settings, from the Calendar feature, and directly from within a Meeting.

  • From Account Settings:

  • From Calendar Feature:

  • From Meeting Page: